Wyoming Where I Belong

Official State Song of Wyoming

Professional Singer/Songwriters and Recording Artists on Warner Bros. Records and MCA Music. 

Professional Fundraisers for causes: Women's Breast Cancer; Children's Diabetes 

Professional Auctioneers and Emcees for fundraising events across the country.

Annie and Amy were discovered singing on a Nashville Television show by a well known record producer Jerry Crutchfield while still students in high school. These identical twin sisters born in Wyoming fell in love with the Nashville music and visited every year with their family making new in roads until at last they  were invited to sing on the Grand O;e Opry by the king of Country music Roy Acuff. 

Later the girls graduated from Stanford University signed as recording artists and songwriters with Warner Brothers Records and MCA Music out of Nashville touring all over the world. 

Annie & Amy also performed on USO Tours to Cuba, the Caribbean and an award winning tour to Alaska. These USO tours  led to a special performance for former President and Mrs. Reagan.  They performed for four United States Presidents and two U.S Vice Presidents. They also were invited to sing for the Ambassador to Vienna Austria and the military men stationed in Europe. 

On a 60 Minute Television Special Annie & Amy were featured singing for the Military Joint Chief of Staff and a Russian General and his entourage. The evening was unforgettable as the girls sang an old Russian Folk song which melted the tension between the two world powers the US and Russia.

Amy  & Annie recently moved from Los Angeles.  They appeared  as leading actors and performers on National Television Commercials,  including Heineken, McDonalds,  & Microsoft.


Now Annie lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and 3 children and Amy lives in Cheyenne, WY helping with parents and writing family history who helped found the city of Cheyenne.  They travel  as often as possible back and forth between Nashville and Wyoming-writing and producing for mainstream artists. The girls  also continue to perform for special events. Singing and playing guitars, banjo and bass.





Annie & Amy were commissioned to write a song for the State of Wyoming  called “Wyoming Where I Belong” .  The song received an international music award for American Culture and Heritage. These Wyoming Twins are extremely  thrilled with the response they receive from all parts of the world from Bulgaria, Scotland, and other areas of Europe down to Australia and Argentina.   

UPDATE: WYoming Where I Belong was just passed by Congress and signed by Governor Mead as an Official State Song of Wyoming!

Wyoming Where I Belong has touched people all over the world delivering a universal message of home. Now the girls are introducing the song to their home state of Wyoming performing for all - far and wide in their beautiful state.  In the song Wyoming Where I Belong: you will hear the cello and strings depict the wind: the classical guitar flow like the rivers of Wyoming and the voices harmonize in nature. Wyoming Where I Belong is the Song of Wyoming-- and will embrace your soul and heart  when heard.

Pass this song along to all who know and love Wyoming or who would like to see our Wyoming someday.  Share it on FaceBook, Twitter, Snapchat,  and all the amazing social media available. Wyoming is a place for all to see and love.

Here's to you Wyoming and it's wonderful people -rough and tough and hard to bluff!



Photographer:  AAI 

Musicians:  Annie &  Amy

Filming Music Video in Wyoming